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Friday, November 03, 2006

Solar Fountain at the Farmers Market

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I took a floating solar fountain to the Central Square Farmers Market one Monday in September.  It was a test of a simple system someone could carry on the subway or a bus.  It consists of a one foot cube of a black plastic bucket, a couple of gallons of water in a collapsible camping jug, a recycled garbage can lid two feet in diameter spray-painted silver, some signs and the floating solar fountain.  I can put the whole schmear on a little luggage wheeler, secure it with some bungie cords, and walk down the street easily.

When I get to the display site, I empty the bucket, place the silver lid on top, pour the water into the lid, and place the floating solar fountain in the center.  When the sunlight hits the solar electric panels, a stream of water sprays out of the center and I have three fountain heads to choose what the pattern looks like.  I tape some signs around the edge of the lid and stand back to watch.

Kids generally love to turn the fountain on and off with their shadows.


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The signs around this display are

Solar Is Civil Defense

Simple Solar Design Principles

Dark heats up

Light reflects

Clear keeps off the wind

Ecological Design Principles

by Bill McDonough

Waste equals food

Use only available solar income

Respect diversity

Love all the children

A South-Facing Window Is Already a Solar Collector

Expand the Biosphere

Ecology is housekeeping raised to the nth degree

And my contact information.

You can find out where to buy a floating solar fountain and see video of a somewhat more elaborate solar fountain at and

I do such solar displays from time to time. Here's a video of me at MIT's Earth Day this year.

click for video

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