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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Zero Net Energy - November 23, 2019

Carbon-neutral science museum in Sweden to be powered by bicycles

Bergen, Norway's masterplan for a zero-carbon urban mixed use development of over 1,600 homes

24 storey mixed use PassivHaus building in midtown Manhattan

Net Zero plant-filled Singapore pavilion for Dubai’s 2020 World Expo

Trenezia, carbon neutral village of over 1000 houses for Bergen, Norway

Snøhetta completes world’s northernmost energy-positive building, 8-story, 18,000 square meter Powerhouse Brattørkaia in Trondheim, Norway "which produces, on average, more than twice as much electricity as it consumes daily.”

Self-charging solar electric vehicle with air purifying moss interior

ReGen Village - a real estate developer planning to build food and energy self-reliant communities

Gaobeidian, China Passive House project is 330,000 square meters (3,552,100 square feet) of certified Passive House buildings—8 high rises, 12 multifamily buildings, and 6 villas

Living Vehicle 2020 travel trailer generates all its own energy (and may be net positive energy)

Smart Forest City for Cancun, Mexico "conceived to be completely food and energy self-sufficient"

LIFE Hamburg, a new energy self-sufficient educational campus that will “reinvent learning” for 1,600 students scheduled to open 2023, the solar-powered sustainable building will feature a carbon dioxide-absorbing green facade and an organic rooftop garden