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Monday, July 31, 2006

It's All One War That Never Ends

Al Gore was in town to sign his book, An Inconvenient Truth at Harvard Book Store, a great independent bookstore. The line was around the block and down the street. The store said he signed over 600 books in the hour he was there.

I went to give him a selection of WWII posters that have special resonance for today and my basic game plan for doing public education on practical renewable energy and resource conservation at such local events as the over 3700 farmers markets that happen every week during the growing season all around the USA (see for further details).

You can see me hand him my paper on video at
I'm the guy in the maroon shirt.

Here are copies of the four posters I gave Mr Gore. He said he liked the first image. I hope he saw the other images, too, and maybe even read my proposals about direct action on energy education. I'd like to see him train 1000 people to do practical solar as well as the 1000 people he plans to train to do his presentation.

For those of you who want more Gore, here's a 20 minute video of him at the TED conference in winter 2006 where he digs a little deeper on solutions to climate change

You can find these and many more WWII posters at

The Project for an Old American Century
( and the Propaganda Remix Project ( are reworking some of these posters for 21st century purposes but I tend to be a purist and prefer the originals for their jarring resonances across the decades.

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At 10/11/2006 10:04 AM, Blogger Pyewacket said...

Thank you for these posters. I found your blog through DKos.

These images really speak to a difference in American attitudes. It breaks my heart to consider the wasted opportunity that was Sept 12. Bush could have asked the country to help, to free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil. Every American was eager to do something, anything. But he told us to go shopping.

I've been browsing the posters in the archives with the hopes of using them myself. My particular interest is local food production, and there are some great food-related posters.

Thanks again.


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