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Friday, January 19, 2018

Zero Net Energy - January 19, 2018

Clovis, CA net zero energy development

The Zero House - Zero net energy, Zero carbon footprint, Zero toxins, Zero construction waste

Transforming the Real Estate Market: Scaling Net-Zero Energy Homes at No Additional Up-front Cost

REACT home produces its own energy and food

Net zero residence built out of recycled materials

Innenco says they can reduce existing buildings' energy use by 58-90% using the buildings’ own thermal mass, heat pumps, and chillers

Oxford, UK plans zero emissions zone for vehicles

Passivhaus for 6,500 people
from the Eco Architect blog about all things Passivhaus

Reversible tent design for homeless

Net zero building over-view 2018

More Than Housing in Zurich, Switzerland, with 13 buildings, nearly 400 housing units, 35 retail units and large shared community spaces built to 2000 Watt per person standard where 1,200 residents and 150 employees live and work

Maersk Tower in Copenhagen with "Denmark’s most energy-efficient laboratories"
Editorial Comment:  Living in Cambridge, MA, the energy-efficiency of laboratories is of increasing importance as we work towards becoming a zero emissions city


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